Map Editor – Starting Process

After dealing with a corrupt dll file an assembly folder, I’ve managed to get my Visual Studio up and running again. To celebrate this joyous occasion. I started working on my Map Editor. After an hour of pounding away at the keyboard, I have a small chunk of it working. There is still much do be done, but I like having markers to see how far I’ve come :).

*Note in the video you can’t see the new map window
*Also, please ignore Korn

Zombie Invasion – Programming Time Line

Project Started July 27th

Since then the project has came a pretty far way, but there is still work to be done.

This is the breakdown of my plan.
Week 1 (this week) – implement an action button, work on map maker more.

Week 2 – Add Map Events (such as loading a new map or text) more map maker.

Week 3 – Animation + Graphic Fixes

Week 4 – Animation + Graphic Fixes, Start on Boss Fight

Week 5 – More sounds + more Map interaction

Week 6 – Art (better art) + Optimization

Week 7 – Porting to xbox 360

Week 8 – Finish porting, Add some nice effects (weather)

Week 9 – Maps

Week 10 – Test, Test, Test then submit.

This list will probably change. It could get shorter (due to tons of free time) or longer due to tests :(.

Zombie Invasion – Update 8/27

I’ve added a few new features. The player now has two types of guns (shotgun, and Pistol) both still need work. I’ve also started on a very crude lighting system. I plan on making the lighting system much better, but as of now it’s pretty bad.

In the top right corner you will notice that the gun icon and the number beside of it change. This is triggered by pressing 1 or 2.

I still haven’t started working on the level editor.
Things I can finish soon

  • Lighting
  • Pause (maybe a  Menu)
  • Fix the level Loader
  • Start working on Map Editor


    Zombie Invasion – Challenge

    Alright, I made a temporary game out of my game I’m working on. You have infinite amount of bullets but only 100 health. Zombies will be coming from all directions, See how many you can kill before you die.

    To play this game you will need XNA Framework 3.1

    Game Download Download

    Also, The background music is Nine Inch Nails – Sin. I needed some sort of background music and I just happened to have that up.

    Map Editor – Concept


    C# with XNA, because XNA can process a vast amount of images.

    Menu Objects

    N – New Map

    S- Save Map

    L – Load Map

    When clicking the buttons, there will be a textBar and an Okay/Cancel Buttons that appear to the left of the N,S,L buttons.

    Toolbar Objects

    M – Map/Picture Objects Lowest level = Collision

    B- Block Objects, Collision highest level

    O – Objects/Items Guns, health Balls, and Ammo below zombies

    Z- Zombies above Objects

    When tool bar Objects are clicked, they Change the map view. M will make all M objects Visible, while making others 70% or less transparent.  Also when you click M, The 3×14 map window will change accordingly.

    Map View

    Uses a List for each level of the map. When Click of the mouse happens it detects which object it is over and changes it to the temp Picture (not added on the concept drawing, but will be on the final program)

    Also placing your mouse in the side areas on the map editor will cause it to move the map so you can edit bigger maps (may add a safety key so it doesn’t always move).

    Zombie Invasion


    Last month I started working on a 2d Zombie game in c# with XNA. My main goal with this project is to create a fun playable 2d shooter.

    What is it?

    So far the game contains a Movable character (No name), who can shoot at zombies, be killed by Zombies, and pick up certain items.  There is also a built in map loader (which isn’t 100% complete).  The character rotates towards the location of the cursor which is in  the shape of a Crosshair.  Zombies when being struck by a bullet die and turn into a mess of blood (which they are still of class zombie, but only display blood).

    The Code


    • Loads Images (only does this once, unless you restart)
    • Updates Game (based on gametime)
    • Draws (all images in order)
    • CollisionMethod (1 for zombies , blocks and Items)

    Sprite Class

    • Loads Image
    • Displays Image
    • Holds Basic x,y,Height, Width

    Zombie Class : Sprite

    • Moves towards character (no real path finding)
    • Checks for collisions (by accessing GameLoops Collision Method)
    • Displays (Zombie rotates towards the character)

    Character Class : Sprite

    • Checks keyboard (then moves map’s x, y) based on it’s rotation and speed.
    • Rotates character toward Crosshair
    • Fires Gun

    Bullet Class : Sprite

    • Moves based on rotating of character when fired
    • Deletes its self when it collides (with zombie or block)  or if it runs out of time (to prevent a bullet from going throughout the entire map to kill one guy)

    Item Class : Sprite (Newest Class)

    • Health (gives you x amount of health)
    • Ammo(gives you x amount of ammo)



    First Video shows movement and firing


    The second video shows zombies moving towards the character


    The third video shows the character killing zombies, and him dying


    The final video shows a lot of zombies. The character is surrounded by them. (this was before bullet collision was fixed, zombie collision with each other, and before I added a little bit of path finding for the zombies)