Project 1 – “Poke Them Balls”

Poke Them Balls…seriously? Yes, the name is a bit silly, but this game isn’t meant to be taken seriously. What type of game is it? Arcade. How do you play? It’s actually quiet simple to play. The player clicks start and balls begin bouncing everywhere, the player must click all of the green ones without hitting any of the red ones. If the player loses all of his lives the game returns to the main menu. If the player clicks all of the balls, the window resets (in the prototype, not the finished product).

When the game is finished the player will be able to progress through harder and harder levels.  The levels get harder by increasing the ball count and speed of the balls.

Why do a stupid ball game?

  • Touch interaction –  This will be helpful in feature games
  • Threads – Extremely helpful in future projects
  • Reusable code – such as the sprite class, which all the images are based off of.
  • Also, experience in releasing an android application will be nice

Below are a few screenshots of the Game so far.